The Twisters Movie Cast and Release Date

Over 25 years after Twister first stormed across theatre screens, the disaster thriller is getting a legacy sequel. Get ready for the thrilling arrival of Twisters in theaters on July 19, 2024.

This sequel promises a fresh cast of characters and an updated storyline while still paying homage to the 1996 original. Stay tuned for more updates on the Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes Release Date as excitement builds for this highly anticipated sequel.

Early Development Stalled Before Recent Greenlight

Talk of a potential Twister sequel swirled soon after the first film’s release. In 2020, Universal Pictures entered early negotiations with Joseph Kosinski (Top Gun: Maverick) to direct a follow-up. The next year, Twister star Helen Hunt volunteered to write and direct. However, neither of those projects gained traction.

It wasn’t until the concept for a legacy sequel took shape that the film finally got the green light. With a story set years after Twister, mirroring the real-world gap since its premiere, the new movie aims to capture the spirit of the original for a new generation.

Mark L. Smith (The Revenant) was brought on board to pen the script. Now, let’s delve into the highly-anticipated Twisters Movie Cast and see who will bring this thrilling sequel to life.

Production Faced Temporary Shutdown Before Wrapping

With a story in place, cameras started rolling on principal photography in Oklahoma City in May 2023. However, a SAG-AFTRA strike suspended filming that July. The labour dispute halted projects across Hollywood, but an agreement was reached within months.

With the strike resolved by early November, Twisters was able to restart production and complete shooting. Throughout the delays, Universal Pictures maintained the film’s July 19, 2024 release date. Now in post-production, the movie remains on target for its summer debut.

Newcomer Daisy Edgar-Jones Steps Into Twister Storm

Leading the Twisters Movie Cast are fresh faces Daisy Edgar-Jones and Glen Powell. Edgar-Jones stars as Kate, described as an ambitious young scientist who finds herself, like Helen Hunt’s character in the first film, directly in the path of danger. Viewers got their first look at Kate in the thrilling Super Bowl teaser trailer as she comes face-to-face with an oncoming tornado.

As the terrifying twister leaves Kate traumatized, her determination to delve deeper into researching these deadly storms intensifies. This journey not only links Twisters to its original story but also introduces a new generation of storm chasers. For more insights about the new film and the Original Wicked movie Cast, stay tuned for updates.

Powell Costars as Brash Storm Chaser Tyler Owens

Starring opposite Edgar-Jones is Glen Powell as Tyler Owens, a bold storm chaser known for his daring instincts. From the footage revealed so far, it appears Tyler may channel some of the brazen swagger Bill Paxton brought to his Twister role. Yet as both a leader in his field and a potential love interest for Kate, Tyler also seems poised to blaze his own trail.

Rounding out the lead actors is Anthony Ramos as Javi, presumably another member of the storm-chasing team. Additional cast members include Brandon Perea (The OA), Daryl McCormack (Peaky Blinders), and more in undisclosed supporting roles. The Twisters Movie Cast promises a dynamic ensemble that will bring intensity and depth to this thrilling sequel.

Twisters Movie Cast Production Opts Not to Bring Back Original Stars

Twisters Movie Cast

Despite early plans, Twisters won’t feature Helen Hunt or any other stars from the first movie reprising their roles. Instead, the film will focus on launching a brand new storyline while paying tribute to what came before. With Hunt’s character serving as inspiration for Edgar-Jones’ Kate, Twister’s spirit seems destined to live on through a new generation.

Super Bowl Spot Showcases Dual Twister Threat

Capitalizing on anticipation for the sequel, Universal unveiled the first official Twisters trailer during February’s Super Bowl telecast. Clocking in at just over two minutes, the thrilling sneak peek wastes no time establishing the double twister jeopardy hinted at in the title. The footage displays the vast scope and power of the two tornadoes converging on the area.

It also showcases some of the sophisticated storm-analyzing technology, an upgrade from the original Dorothy contraption, that will likely play a key part in the plot.Most striking of all, the trailer captures the palpable terror of Kate and her fellow storm chasers confronting the twin funnel clouds. Twisters look primed to deliver an intense, effects-driven adventure worthy of its apocalypse-invoking namesake.

Legacy Sequel Aims to Honor Origins While Forging New Ground

When Twisters Movie Cast arrives next summer, it will have been nearly 30 years since the world was first introduced to Jo Harding and the gang of tornado hunters willing to risk it all for science in Twister. The 2024 sequel may not feature those same characters, but early signs point to it recapturing a similar spirit of discovery and courage in the face of calamity. While little is yet known of the specific storyline.

Twisters already promises to be a nostalgic tribute to the original that also expands the franchise into new territory. With the twin storm threat looming, the next generation now takes centre stage to write their own chapter. By bridging old and new, Twisters could spin up a worthy successor able to stand on its own while reminding audiences everywhere why we still can’t take our eyes off the skies.

Storm Chasers Assemble- Meet the Exciting Twisters Movie Cast

  • Glen Powell, known for Top Gun: Maverick and Anyone But You, leads the Twisters cast as Tyler Owens, a daring storm chaser called “the Tornado Wrangler” with a big social media following.
  • Co-starring is Daisy Edgar-Jones of Normal People and Where the Crawdads Sing fame playing Kate Cooper, a former storm chaser turned academic who studies storms from afar after surviving a traumatic tornado.
  • Rounding out the main trio is Anthony Ramos, the standout from Hamilton and In the Heights, as Javi, Kate’s friend who draws her back out into the field to test a new tracking system.
  • Sasha Lane (American Honey) also stars as Lily, one of daredevil Tyler’s storm-chasing partners along for a dangerous new mission.
  • Additional cast members include Brandon Perea (Nope), Daryl McCormack (Peaky Blinders), Maura Tierney (NewsRadio), Harry Hadden-Paton (The Crown), Kiernan Shipka (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), Nik Dodani (Atypical), David Corenswet (Superman: Legacy), Tunde Adebimpe (Rachel Getting Married), and Katy O’Brian (The Mandalorian).
  • In the 1996 original, Helen Hunt led the charge as the bold Dr. Jo Harding, developing tech to gather data inside tornadoes, while Bill Paxton portrayed her estranged husband who joins one last storm chase.
  • Cary Elwes also starred in Twister as their rival, the unscrupulous Dr. Jonas Miller racing to outdo their research.
  • While Hunt, Paxton and Elwes do not appear in the sequel, the new generation led by Powell, Edgar-Jones and Ramos aims to capture that daring spirit with a fresh take.
  • Edgar-Jones’ Kate, traumatized by a storm in her past, echoes Hunt’s Jo, while Powell channels Paxton’s charm as wandering thrill-seeker Tyler.

When was the Trailer of Twisters Released?

Universal Pictures unveiled the inaugural teaser trailer for the forthcoming tornado thriller Twisters to tremendous fanfare during the 2024 Super Bowl telecast on February 11th. This intense two-minute sneak peek offers the premiere glimpse at the central characters embroiled in the story’s double-twister jeopardy suggested by the ominous title. 

Viewers witness the initial meeting of the intrepid storm-tracking trio portrayed by Daisy Edgar-Jones, Glen Powell, and Anthony Ramos as they courageously analyze and pursue two massive cyclones converging to wreak havoc on the region.

Twisters Theatrical Release First, Streaming Later

Twisters is scheduled for an exclusive theatrical release on July 19, 2024, distributed in North America by Universal Pictures. No streaming or VOD release plans have been announced yet. Major studio films typically move to premium video-on-demand around 45 days post-theatrical release before eventually streaming 90+ days after premiere.

 Should that standard model hold, fans could expect Twisters to stream in October 2024. With a big-budget effects spectacle like Twisters, a traditional theatrical-first model aiming to maximize big-screen impact makes sense.

But future streaming availability likely depends on its box office performance. Fans can look forward to experiencing the thrilling performances of the Twisters Movie Cast on both the big screen and streaming platforms, ensuring broad accessibility to this highly anticipated sequel. Keep an eye out for more information on the A Quiet Place Day One Storyline to delve into the film’s narrative journey.

Twisters Spins a Timely Climate Change Story with Fresh Characters

Over 25 years after Twister stormed theaters, the disaster thriller finally gets a legacy sequel in Twisters, touching down on July 19, 2024. While first announced in 2020, initial plans for a direct continuation centering on the adult child of Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton’s characters proved unfounded. Instead, screenwriter Mark L.

Smith and director Lee Isaac Chung crafted an original standalone story with new characters grappling with intensifying tornadoes in the era of climate change. With the highly-anticipated Twisters Movie Cast, this sequel promises to deliver both nostalgic callbacks and fresh perspectives on nature’s fury.

Development Marked by Pivots Before Finding Focus

Early buzz around Twisters envisioned it becoming a passing-of-the-torch sequel following the daughter of Hunt and Paxton’s storm chaser protagonists from 1996’s Twister. But Smith clarified that he wrote an entirely separate narrative not directly based on the first film. Still, Twisters pays homage by introducing Daisy Edgar-Jones as a young scientist similarly driven to analyze tornadoes after her own near-death twist with a tempest.

Chung, known for the acclaimed drama Minari, placed his own spin on Smith’s script during development. While details remain guarded, the director seemingly aimed to heighten the story’s timeliness. Twisters will address escalating tornado activity due to the shifting climate, consulting experts to realistically depict our worsening weather.

With Chung’s unique vision and the stellar performances of the Twisters Movie Cast, audiences can expect a thought-provoking exploration of environmental themes alongside gripping action.

Official Synopsis and Cast Set Stage for High-Stakes Adventure

The newly released plot synopsis provides further context, following Edgar-Jones’ Kate, a former storm chaser still tormented by her past brush with a tornado’s wrath. She gets lured back into the field by her friend Javi (Anthony Ramos) to test an advanced tracking system.

Also along for the ride is Glen Powell’s Tyler Owens, an influencer and thrill-seeking storm pursuer. With such an intriguing premise and the talented performances of the Twisters Movie Cast, audiences can anticipate an electrifying cinematic experience like never before.

This central trio bands together to intercept two massive forming twisters threatening the Oklahoma region with unprecedented power. Co-starring alongside them on this dangerous mission are Sasha Lane, Brandon Perea, Daryl McCormack and more as the supporting storm-chasing squad. Twisters promise to capture both the original’s spirit of courageous scientific wonder and modern anxiety over extreme weather in an action-packed ride.

“Twisters” Colorful Creators Shape Ambitious Sequel

Acclaimed “Minari” director Lee Isaac Chung makes a foray into big-budget spectacle by helming “Twisters,” bringing a character-centric touch to the tornado sequel. He took over for initial director Joseph Kosinski when “Top Gun: Maverick” schedule interfered. Chung’s directorial prowess, combined with the talent of the Twisters Movie Cast, promises a captivating and immersive cinematic experience for audiences worldwide.

Oscar-nominated screenwriter Mark L. Smith (“The Revenant,” “Midnight Sky”) pens the script. His writing emphasizing emotional connection paired with Chung’s deft hand at balancing human stories with visual thrills bodes well.Shepherding the project are veteran producers Frank Marshall, whose Amblin Entertainment backed the 1996 original, and Patrick Crowley (“Jurassic World” franchise) Warner Bros signed on to co-finance the ambitious event film.

Universal executives Sara Scott and Jacqueline Garell, along with Marshall’s Kennedy/Marshall partner Ashley Jay Sandberg, are orchestrating the production of the eagerly anticipated blockbuster in Oklahoma. Amidst the bustling shoot, their coordination mirrors the intricate layout of Supermarkets in Nairobi, ensuring smooth operations and efficient execution.

Although the original “Twister” director Jan de Bont isn’t directly involved, the collaborative efforts of Chung and Smith promise a captivating blend of homage and innovation. Their fusion of Tenderness and Spectacle is poised to unleash an emotional and exhilarating cyclone on the silver screen.


The twisters movie cast with esteemed filmmakers like Chung and Smith at the helm, plus robust producer backing, Twisters appears well-positioned as both a loving tribute to the legacy-spawning 1996 original and a thrilling new instalment that can stand and storm on its own.

While visually staying true to the destructive grandeur audiences expect, the sequel also promises greater emotional resonance by focusing on the human stories amid the carnage – the calm at the centre of the literal and metaphorical twisters.