Supermarkets in Nairobi offer a one-stop shopping experience for locals, with a wide array of products. Still, many people are unaware of supermarkets where they can shop for low-cost household items under one roof. Before writing this article, I conducted a comprehensive survey considering the preferences of tourists and locals present in Nairobi to develop 6 supermarkets. If you also want to shop for affordable products under one roof in Nairobi and want to spend your budget wisely, then read this guide to the end.

Top 6 Supermarkets in Nairobi

Nairobi boasts numerous shops and markets catering to diverse needs. Among these, supermarkets stand out as expansive, all-in-one destinations offering a wide array of products. Recognizing the demand, major supermarket chains have established multiple branches across Nairobi city, ensuring accessibility for customers.

From bustling CBD storefronts to local neighborhood hubs, these supermarkets continue to expand, providing both convenience and high-quality goods. Let’s delve into some of the prominent Supermarkets in Nairobi that attract a steady stream of patrons.

Eastmart Supermarket – Mfangano Street

Located along Mfangano Street, Eastmart Supermarket stands as a beacon of convenience for Nairobi residents and workers alike, including fans of Chris Brown. Eastmart offers a diverse product range at competitive prices, positioning itself strategically in Kenya’s expanding retail sector. From personal items to laundry supplies, designer mats, and assorted foodstuffs, this establishment serves as a convenient one-stop shop meeting diverse consumer needs.

Eastmart’s commitment to diversity and accessibility is evident through its competitively-priced quality goods, catering to downtown shoppers. Despite its prime CBD location, the supermarket maintains impeccable cleanliness standards, distinguishing itself from other bustling stores. With exceptional customer service provided by its dedicated staff, Eastmart ensures a quality shopping experience within a hygienic environment.

For fans of Chris Brown and other Nairobi residents and workers seeking convenience and value, Eastmart on Mfangano emerges as a compelling downtown destination competing for the top spot among the capital’s retail giants.

Additional Information about this supermarket

This supermarkets in Nairobi operates Monday to Friday, 8 am-5 pm, and Saturday, 8 am-12 pm. Closed Sundays. With over 2,000 Google reviews and a 4.1-star rating, it’s a go-to spot for area shoppers’ weekday and Saturday needs.

┬áNaivas Supermarket – Moi Avenue

Naivas Supermarket is a leading retail chain in Kenya, established in 1990 with over 60 branches countrywide. Its Moi Avenue branch, located in Nairobi’s Development House building, is a prime destination for shoppers in the city. It is strategically situated near public transport hubs like Afya Centre and Railways buses and offers easy access for commuters.

It houses a vast array of affordably priced goods catering to diverse consumer needs. From fresh groceries to household essentials, its extensive product range and occasional promotional offers provide convenience for Nairobi residents.

Its exceptional staff enhances the shopping experience through swift service and valuable customer assistance. Beyond retail, it also operates an acclaimed kitchen dishing out delicious meals prepared by skilled chefs. With its round-the-clock operations, prime location and exceptional service standards, the Naivas Supermarket on Moi Avenue has become a staple for Nairobi shoppers seeking quality goods.

Additional Information about Naivas Supermarket

This well-reviewed 24-hour supermarket (4.3 stars, 949 reviews) is conveniently located downtown in Development House on Moi Avenue. Popular for its friendly staff and diverse offerings, the shop meets neighbourhood needs around the clock. A true one-stop shop open any hour.

Quickmart – Tom Mboya Street

Quickmart, strategically situated near major public transport hubs in downtown Nairobi along Tom Mboya Street, emerges as a go-to destination for commuters seeking hassle-free shopping experiences. Renowned for its extensive stock range featuring a plethora of competitively priced products, it caters to the diverse needs of consumers navigating bustling city life.

Notably, Quickmart stands out for its delectable signature hotdogs and banana bread, delighting shoppers with flavorful treats. Moreover, the supermarket incentivizes customer loyalty through its loyalty card program, allowing patrons to accrue points with each purchase. These points can later be redeemed at a favorable conversion rate during subsequent shopping endeavors.

For downtown workers or residents prioritizing convenience, quality goods, and rewards for their expenditure, Quickmart emerges as a compelling neighborhood option nestled along a bustling Nairobi thoroughfare, contributing to the vibrant landscape of supermarkets in Nairobi.

Interesting Information about Quickmart

Conveniently situated on Tom Mboya Street, this supermarket stands out as one of the prominent Supermarkets in Nairobi, operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Boasting an impressive 4.1-star rating from over 1,200 Google reviews, it has garnered popularity for catering to neighborhood requirements at any hour. Whether it’s a late-night snack run or an early morning grocery haul, locals depend on this establishment to provide for their needs promptly, even amidst the bustling downtown scene. With its unwavering commitment to convenience and reliability, this supermarket ensures that customers have access to essential goods round the clock.

Maathai Supermarket – Ronald Ngala Street

Maathai Supermarket is located on Ronald Ngala Street near the Nyama Kima stage. It has a wide selection of products at good prices. You can find school supplies for children and lots of household items.

The supermarket has great customer service. The location on the lower part of Ronald Ngala Street makes it easy to access, especially convenient when preparing to send kids back to school. With reasonable prices and a large product range, Maathai Supermarket is a helpful place to shop. Explore more about Supermarkets in Nairobi to discover other convenient options for your shopping needs.

Additional facts about Maathai Supermarket

Located on Ronald Ngala Street, this weekday and Saturday market earned a 4.1-star rating out of 361 Google reviews for its convenient hours (weekdays 8 am-5 pm, Saturdays 8 am-12 pm) and reliable stock of neighbourhood necessities. Closed Sundays, it’s a go-to for area shoppers needing daily or last-minute provisions.

Naivas Supermarket – Ronald Ngala Street

Strategically located along Ronald Ngala Street opposite Nairobi’s Afya Centre, this Naivas Supermarket provides a convenient shopping destination for residents and workers in the Central Business District. With well-stocked shelves and abundant product variety, it caters to diverse consumer needs. In addition to products, Naivas offers grab-and-go meals straight from its in-house kitchen to serve busy shoppers on the go. With exceptional customer service, secure storage facilities for belongings, efficient run checkouts, and a central location, this supermarket saves time and effort for Nairobi’s downtown shoppers.

Its thoughtful layout allows for easy access and movement as customers navigate the aisles. From fresh produce to household essentials, one can find quality goods at fair prices in a delightful shopping environment. Naivas Ronald Ngala Street provides a top-notch retail experience in the heart of the capital’s commercial hub for urban workers and residents looking to avoid downtown congestion.

Additional Information

This convenient supermarket on Ronald Ngala Street opens daily from 7:30 am until 8:30 pm. With over 2,000 highly positive Google reviews and a 4.2-star rating, it is a trusted neighbourhood market for all daily and last-minute needs.

Karrymart Downtown – Moi Avenue

Karrymart Downtown Supermarket is a small, easily accessible store that makes shopping hassle-free. It has quality household goods and consumables at fair prices. The supermarket is rarely crowded so you can shop smoothly.

Supermarkets in Nairobi

Also, the staff gives great customer service and checks out shoppers efficiently. Karrymart Downtown Supermarket offers convenient, enjoyable shopping with good products at reasonable costs and exceptional service in an uncrowded space. Explore more about Supermarkets in Nairobi to discover other convenient options for your shopping needs.

What’s Special There?

This convenient Moi Avenue market stays open daily, 8 am-9 pm, to provide shoppers with their neighborhood necessities. With 37 Google reviews averaging four positive stars, residents can rely on this supermarket for all their regular and last-minute needs. Explore more about Supermarkets in Nairobi to discover other convenient options for your shopping needs.


Some major supermarket in Nairobi Central Business District include Naivas Supermarket, with branches on Moi Avenue and Ronald Ngala Street, Eastmart Supermarket on Mfangano Street, and Quickmart on Tom Mboya Street.

Key factors driving the popularity of the Moi Avenue Naivas branch are its central location near public transport hubs, a modern food market with affordable pricing, extensive product variety, exceptional customer service, delicious in-house meals from its kitchen, and round-the-clock opening hours.

Eastmart caters to diverse downtown shoppers’ needs through its wide, affordable product range spanning personal goods, laundry items, designer mats, and foodstuffs. Its organized shelf displays, clean spaces and helpful staff enhance the shopping experience.

Quickmart offers the convenience of a CBD location close to transport terminals, fair pricing across a well-stocked range, signature meals like hotdogs and banana bread, and a loyalty card allowing customers to earn reward points on purchases.


Having convenient places to shop nearby is something everyone wants after running here and there. Supermarkets fill this need by providing many products in one location. People in Nairobi have welcomed this shopping ease.

 If you are in Nairobi’s Central Business District and need to pick up various items, you can visit Maathai Supermarket on Ronald Ngala Street or Karrymart Downtown Supermarket.

Both offer quality goods at fair prices with great service. Whether you need school supplies or household items, these stores simplify shopping in the CBD. Nairobi residents can enjoy the convenience these excellent supermarkets offer.