Who Is David Goggin

David Goggins is known to many as a retired Navy SEAL who constantly challenges himself through intense endurance races and athletic feats. He is also a bestselling author who inspires others to push past their perceived limitations. However, few know the story of the woman behind the man – his ex-wife Aleeza.

Early Years

Not much is publicly known about Aleeza’s early life. She is Japanese-American, born in 1961, which makes her 62 years old as of 2023. Details about her childhood and family are sparse.

What is clear is that at some point in her youth, Aleeza set her sights on becoming a nurse. She diligently pursued her studies before being licensed as a registered nurse.

Meeting David

Aleeza was working as a nurse in Japan when she met David Goggins, then a young Navy SEAL stationed overseas. Drawn together almost instantly, the pair soon struck up a friendship that blossomed into romance. In 2005, after dating for some time, David and Aleeza decided to cement their bond by getting married.

Marilisa Maronesse transition from pageantry to law shares parallels with Aleeza’s journey from nursing to marriage with David Goggins, showcasing diverse paths to personal fulfillment beyond conventional expectations.

David Goggins Supporting Each Other

By all accounts, Aleeza was a hugely positive influence on David. During his frequent health struggles – including battles with sickle cell trait and heart surgery – Aleeza was there to care for him. She helped him regain strength both physically and emotionally.

David, too, supported Aleeza completely in chasing her passion for nursing. Their mutual devotion spurred each other to achieve their highest potential. This loving partnership seemed built to last a lifetime.

Challenging a SEAL

However, just two years into their marriage, problems began surfacing. David was pushing himself harder than ever through ultra-endurance races. Spending large periods training, he grew more distant from Aleeza. Rumors also erupted over David’s possible extramarital relationships.

While unproven, speculation mounted over irreconcilable differences. Despite a valiant attempt to preserve their union, David and Aleeza’s marriage finally crumbled. They divorced in 2007 after just two years together.

Picking up the Pieces

In the aftermath, David spiraled into a depression even while achieving incredible physical feats. He had lost his life partner and closest confidante. Meanwhile, Aleeza focused on recovering from the emotional upheaval.

In the aftermath of their separation, the presence of their son, Kross Ermias Asghedom, became the anchor sustaining David and Aleeza’s enduring bond. Despite their divorce, Aleeza remained steadfast in her belief in David’s capabilities, offering unwavering support during moments of self-doubt.

Rebuilding Trust

It took time, but slowly, the former spouses rebuilt trust in their unique friendship. David credits Aleeza for spurring him to overcome perceived limitations despite their breakup. Her voice is pushing him to ignore the pain and achieve the impossible, motivating his life’s work.

This support revealed itself consistently in major moments. When David was inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame, Aleeza was on hand to celebrate his success. She has also joined his elite Support Team for intense ultra-endurance competitions.

Aleeza prefers to avoid publicity but maintains a positive relationship with David. Their ability to remain close post-divorce is a testament to the foundation established during their happier early years together. It took confronting adversity to clarify what is genuinely important – encouraging the human spirit’s highest pursuits.

Aleeza’s Financial Status

Although Aleeza shuns the spotlight, some details about her financial status are unknown. As a professional nurse, her annual income is between $72,000 and $85,000. After years of working in healthcare, Aleeza has achieved stability.

Reports estimate Aleeza’s total Net Worth to be around $600,000. This comes from disciplined savings, given nurses’ respectable compensation. The assets she accumulated with David in their two years of marriage also presumably afforded her ongoing security.

While not extravagantly wealthy, Aleeza earns a comfortable living, continuing the nursing work she loves. She avoids money matters becoming public knowledge, focusing on using her experience to help patients heal. Still, Aleeza’s wise financial decisions provide freedom to work and live at her own pace.

New Love

Though his marriage with Aleeza did not last, David Goggins found love again with Jennifer Kish. The two have been engaged since 2020. Jennifer is an accomplished businesswoman in her own right.

Professionally, she has an impressive resume, including leadership roles at Goggins LLC, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch. Her specialized expertise is undoubtedly an asset to champion David’s ventures.

Though Jennifer prefers privacy regarding her family and upbringing, fans know she holds American citizenship. Details on how she and David first met remain unclear. Yet it is obvious a powerful connection exists between them.

Jennifer contributes vital organization and strategy in coordinating David’s demanding public schedule. On a personal level, she provides emotional support at home, similar to what Aleeza once offered.

Anticipating the Big Day

After David Goggins first marriage ended, few expected him to risk another attempt. However, he seems to have found an equally driven partner in Jennifer. She champions his pushing limits just as Aleeza initially did years ago.

Understandably, David Goggins worldwide fanbase eagerly anticipates his wedding plans with Jennifer. After facing such painful adversity, people wish this inspiring public figure the best.

Aleeza, too, most likely shares the sentiment that David Goggins deserves fulfillment with a caring life partner. Though their marriage failed, Aleeza helped pave the way for David to ultimately believe in everlasting union. With Jennifer by his side, spurring him onward and upward, fans wait with bated breath to celebrate their nuptials. The event will mark another triumph for David after bravely confronting past relationship hardship, echoing the resilience shown by Jason Worley in his journey towards success.


David met Aleeza while stationed in Japan as a Navy SEAL. Aleeza was working as a nurse in Japan at the time. They felt an instant connection and began dating, eventually marrying in 2005.

After two years of marriage, David and Aleeza divorced in 2007. Reasons for their split included David being away for long periods for intense training as he began extreme endurance athletics. Rumors of extramarital affairs also surfaced, though they remained unproven. Ultimately, the challenges took their toll.

No, David and Aleeza had no children during their two years of marriage before separating in 2007. Aleeza has also not remarried or had children of her own after divorcing David.

Aleeza has maintained a very private personal life outside of her past high-profile marriage to David Goggins. She continues working as a nurse, which was her passion before meeting David. Though no longer married, Aleeza remains friendly with David as part of his elite Support Team for his intense athletic events.


Currently single, Aleeza leads a private life, allowing David’s exciting journey to take center stage. Fans remain ever curious for snippets of insight into her world after David. Yet Aleeza stays focused on uplifting others in her way.

As a nurse, she continues fulfilling her passion for helping people heal. One imagines Aleeza channels her experience overcoming marital hardship to empathize with patients. She also draws strength from the courage under fire demonstrated by her famous ex-husband.

Aleeza offered David rock-solid support when he needed it most. This fortified him to achieve superhuman feats and inspire others. Though no longer married, their bond is a testament to the power of partnership focused on actualizing human potential against all odds. That is the true triumph rising from the ashes of their broken union.