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Discover Jim Jones’ net worth, age, biography, height, weight, and details about his children.

Net Worth

He has $400 Thousand net worth

Jim Jones Net Worth and Achievements

Jim Jones, an American rapper and record executive, is primarily recognized for his contributions to Diplomat Records. As the co-CEO of Diplomat Records alongside Cam’ron, and with strong ties to his Harlem-bred, longtime friends, Jim Jones remains a pivotal figure within the music industry. Being an original member of Diplomats, Jones has cultivated a significant following globally, evidenced by his substantial fanbase. For those seeking insight into Jim Jones’ financial standing, exploring Jim Jones net worth would provide valuable context.

Jim Jones is also known for his music video direction under CAPO. Jones started his career in the late 90s and became one of the most popular rappers of that time. He also acted in several films and appeared in a couple of TV shows as well.

Jim earned huge amounts of money with his successful music and acting career. As of 2024, Jim Jones net worth is more than $400 thousand.

Jim Jones’ Early Life 

Jim Jones was born on 15 July 1976 in New York, America. Jones’s mother, Nancy Jones, is African American, while his father, Joseph Jones, was Puerto Rican. He was raised by his maternal grandmother, who admitted him to catholic school, but he used to skip church to play music. He was a creative child and had a love for music from his early childhood. 

Jim Jones grew up surrounded by music, sharing his childhood with siblings in a musically inclined household. Together with his companions, he honed his skills on various instruments and vocals. Their exposure to the latest hip-hop tracks and artists enriched their musical knowledge. This shared passion led to the formation of a band with his lifelong friends, laying the foundation for his career, reminiscent of the evolution of Ice Cube’s career.

Jim Jones Age, Height, and Weight

Jim Jones was born in 1976 and is 47 years old as of February 2024. He is a good-looking black man with a height of 5′ 11″ and weighs 83 kg. He has a gangstar personality, which suits him and also helped him in his acting career, which made him a famous celebrity among the masses. 

Jim Jones’s Girlfriend and Kids

Jim Jones’ girlfriend’s name is Chrissy Lampkin, and they have been together for many years. Their relationship caught the public’s eye for the first time when they both appeared in a reality show, Love and Hip Hop New York. They got engaged in 2011 but haven’t married yet. They believe marriage is a formality, and they don’t need it.

The couple has been living happily together for 13 years. Jones also has a son but hasn’t disclosed his mother’s name. Jim and Chrissy believe in privacy and don’t disclose much about their relationship and private life.

Jim Jones Career

Jim Jones started his music career in the late 90s and dropped his solo debut studio album ‘On My Way to Church’ in 2004. His first hit song ‘We Fly High’ was released in 2006, and he dropped his second hit ‘Pop Champagne’ in 2008. After that, several of his songs were superhit, and he became a renowned rapper in the hip-hop industry.

Jones is also a music video director and co-CEO of Diplomat Records. His music career has been a great success. Following his success in the music industry, Jim ventured into acting, where he starred in multiple films and made notable appearances in reality shows and series.

His talent and versatility as an artist shone through in his performances. Jim Jones’ illustrious career serves as a guiding light for emerging rappers seeking to leave their mark in the hip-hop industry. This trajectory mirrors the rise of Cody Ko’s Youtube career.”

Jim Jones Net Worth

jim Jones’ astute financial decisions have significantly contributed to Jim Jones net worth, which currently stands at $400 thousand as of 2024, a testament to his business acumen and strategic ventures. Just as Chris Brown’s net worth showcases his triumph in the music realm, Jones’ income largely stems from album sales and profitable ventures in the music sector. Their parallel trajectories underscore the lucrative opportunities available to artists who navigate the industry landscape with shrewdness and foresight.

Beyond music Jones has diversified his revenue streams through ventures in acting, sports management, and entrepreneurship, mirroring Chris Brown’s multifaceted approach to wealth accumulation. Both artists have demonstrated a keen understanding of leveraging their fame and influence across various sectors, showcasing their ability to capitalize on opportunities beyond their primary fields of expertise.

Jones’ involvement in sports management and ownership of the skating team Dipstake highlight his entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to explore diverse avenues for financial growth, echoing Brown’s ventures into various business endeavors. Furthermore, Jones’ foray into fashion further accentuates his commitment to expanding his net worth through strategic investments and brand development, a strategy that aligns with Chris Brown’s own ventures into the fashion industry.

In essence, Jim Jones’ journey to financial success mirrors Chris Brown’s in its fusion of artistic talent with entrepreneurial savvy, serving as a blueprint for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs alike seeking to navigate the complexities of the entertainment industry while maximizing their earning potential.

Best Songs and Albums of Jim Jones 

Here is a list of Jim Jones’ best songs in his career. 

  • We Fly High 
  • Fit Lit 
  • I’m Ready 
  • We Set The Trends 
  • I Really Mean It 
  • Summer Wit’ Miami 
  • Rich Hustle 
  • Harlem 
  • Perfect Day 
  • State of the Union 
  • Emotionless 
  • Everybody Jones 

Now, let’s have a look at Jim Jones’s best-selling albums. 

  • Harlem: Diary of a Summer 
  • Hustler’s P.O.M.E 
  • Harlem’s American Gangster 
  • On My Way To Church 
  • A Dipset X-Mas
  • A Tribute To Bad Santa Starring Mike Epps 
  • Capo 
  • Pray IV Reign 


Jim Jones is a high-paying artist with a net worth of $400 thousand as of 2024. 

Jim Jones earned huge amounts of money from his music and acting career. He also runs his fashion line and has investments in sports management. 

Jim Jones has a son named Joseph Guillermo Jones III from his previous girlfriend, whose name is not enclosed. 


Jim Jones is a well-known American rapper and music video editor. He is renowned for his association with Diplomat Records. Jones has had a thriving music and acting career and earned a tremendous amount of money during his career.

Jim Jones net worth is $400 thousand as of today. It is continuously growing because of its successful fashion line and wise investments in the sports industry.