Is Rod Wave dead or alive?

The answer to this question is a big No. Rod Wave is alive and doing really well. He is working on his music and entertaining his fans. Two months ago, he posted a song on his YouTube channel, and fans can see him in the video.

He is living his life well and trying to increase the number of his fans. He currently has 5.7 million subscribers on YouTube. 

Is Rod Wave dead

Rod wave dead not shot dead, nor has he committed suicide, but the rumors spread like fire in the Jungle. The people on social media do not check the criteria or source of the news and focus on sharing it with others, which has been the reason for such an outcome. However, Rod wave dead news is not the first time that the death rumors spread about a celebrity, and indeed not the last time, too. 

Legal Issues

Wave was arrested in 2022 on an aggressive behavior at home charge that elaborated battery by strangulation during a fight with his ex-girlfriend, just to have his legal counselor effectively convince State indictment to acknowledge a Nolle Pross/No Data understanding which saw the charge dropped following two or three weeks.

In April 2024, Wave was captured by police in Manatee Region, Florida on two counts of wrongfully having a gun or ammo as a criminal, with the case being connected with a shooting that happened on Easter Sunday outside the Sonic Games Bar in St. Petersburg, Florida and saw four individuals harmed.

In a press conference, members from the St. Petersburg Police Office guaranteed that the shooting was gang-related. Three men attached to Wave were captured on charges connected with the shooting also.

As per St. Petersburg Police Boss Mike Kovacsev, the three men attached to Wave who were captured (Christopher Atkins, Keith Westby, and Kevontre Wesby) are purportedly associated with the Young gang, and two extra suspects are currently being arrested also.

However Kovacsev didn’t blame Wave for being a gangster, he noticed that the two residencies where the Youthful gangsters were caught were leased by Rod and that their escape vehicle was enrolled to him too. However, Wave was soon released, as it was resolved that the data about him being a convicted criminal was mistaken.

Personal Life

During his primary school years, Wave faced a difficult family circumstance when his parents separated, and his dad therefore wound up in prison. Battling with monetary hardships, his family found it difficult to offer fundamental help. Subsequently, Wave went to the roads as a way to earn enough to pay the rent.

Tragically, this drove him down a disturbed way, including numerous stretches in adolescent places and commitment to different illegal exercises, for example, drug management, theft, robbery, and ownership of guns. Upon his dad’s release from prison, he perceived the disastrous way of life his child was caught in. Not entirely settled to control Wave in a more positive path, his dad adopted a proactive strategy.

He urged Wave to channel his energy into music, investing his potential to change his life. On the side of this newly discovered energy, Wave’s dad bought a microphone, while his brother contributed by getting him a PC. Outfitted with these devices, Wave was given the resources to divert his life toward a more certain and productive way.

Wave was raised on the sounds of E-40, Chingy, Boosie Badazz, Boss Keef, Kanye West, and Kevin Gates. Curiously, he would later deliver tracks, for example, “Calabasas” with E-40 “Cuban Links” and “Titanic” with Kevin Gates. He has twin girls with his long-term sweetheart girlfriend, Dee.

The reality behind Rod Wave Dead rumors  

In November 2020, a user on Twitter (X) posted a thread with a reference to gematria, which is a Hebrew code that assigns numerical values to letters. He predicted that Rod Wave dead would die on November 23, 2020. He explained his prediction by mentioning that this date is 38 days before the end of the year, and the gematria value of Rod’s name is 38.

This was the first instance when rumors about his death became the news. He death hoax rumors didn’t stop there, and in December 2020, a wave of news circulated claiming that Rod Wave was shot dead, which was later proven false. In 2023, rumors emerged again, alleging that he died in an accident or committed suicide.

These rumors likely stemmed from a song referencing his past traumas, but they were ultimately debunked. In a world where public figures are under constant scrutiny, some choose to maintain a low profile.

Marilisa Maronesse’s private persona and avoidance of social media demonstrate how staying out of the public eye can be an effective way to avoid unnecessary speculation and rumor-mongering. This cautious approach contrasts with the constant rumors surrounding Rod Wave’s life and death, highlighting the benefits of privacy

Who is Rod Wave?

Rod Wave is an American rapper and songwriter. Rod was born on August 27, 1999, and is just 24. His real name is Rodarius Marcell Green, and he became an internet sensation when his song Single Heart on Ice went viral and appeared at 25 on the list of 100 at Billboard.

The following year, he released the album Ghetto Gospel, which was number 10 on the Hot 200 list. Lately, multiple of his songs and albums have appeared on Billboard, catapulting him to global artist status at a remarkably young age. He confidently declared his artistic peak in 2023 via a tweet, backed by impressive earnings of over $4 million from his music career.

His meteoric rise to fame at such a youthful stage sets him apart as one of the few artists to achieve such massive popularity early on. This trajectory mirrors the relentless pursuit of excellence exemplified by David Goggins, who continually pushes boundaries to achieve his goals and inspire others.

Rod Wave career 

Rod Wave is a rapper whose music is a blend of R&D and hip-hop, which attracts the attention of listeners worldwide. Rod Wave is one of the few artists who became popular quickly and are holding their fame. Rod’s debut album was instantly viral all over the internet and featured in the Hot 100 on Billboard. His second album, Pray 4 Love, appeared at number 2 on the Hot 100 list on Billboard. 

His third album, ‘Soulfly,’ defined his career as a rapper and cemented his position in the industry. Several of his songs appeared on the Billboard and grabbed the attention of the masses. However, with his continuous fame came controversies, too, like when his song ‘Nirvana’ was labeled as a suicide note. With all the ups and downs, is Rod Wave has made his mark in the industry and is very popular among the youth.

His storytelling is one of the crucial factors in his success, and he’s poised to make a lasting impact on the music industry with his soul-refreshing music production. Rod Wave certainly has a long career ahead of him, full of promise and potential. His diverse ancestry, much like Kross Ermias Asghedom’s background, brings depth and richness to his artistry, contributing to the unique sound and emotional connection that resonates with so many listeners.


Rod Wave is alive and doing very well. He’s looking forward to his excellent music career. 

Rod Wave is producing music consistently and will be entertaining his fans in the future, too. 


Rod Wave’s death rumors have been circulating for quite a long time, and such news appears occasionally. The fans are worried that is Rod Wave dead or alive and for their relief we discussed that he’s alive and continuing his music career. There is no truth behind his death rumors, and he’s eyeing a long career.