Alex Hormozi

Alex Hormozi is an entrepreneur, investor, and author known for his work in scaling businesses, particularly in the fitness industry. He is the founder of Acquisition.com and has written the book Gym Launch Secrets.

Net worth

He has $100 Million Net Worth

Alex Hormozi Net Worth & Biography

Alex Hormozi is an American fitness enthusiast, author, investor, and entrepreneur with a Net Worth of $100 million. In 2020, Alex and his wife Leila started Acquisition.com, which helps other businesses grow. He has written popular books like “$100 Million Leads” and “Gym Launch Secrets” to share his ideas.

Many people know about Alex Hormozi because of the internet, such as Twitter and Instagram. They like to learn from him about how to make more money in their own lives. Alex likes to share helpful ideas every day. He talks about business, selling things, and living a good life.

On Instagram, he puts up short videos. On Twitter, he writes short messages with advice. Thus, Alex went from being broke to over $100 million in just ten years.

His story shows that with hard work, anyone can become successful. Many people desire to learn more details about Alex Hormozi. If you are also curious about Alex Hormozi’s Net Worth, let’s read his interesting story about a man who started with nothing and became rich.

Alex Hormozi’s Profile

Complete nameAlexander Hormozi
Net Worth$100 million
Date of BirthAugust 18, 1988
Birth PlaceTowson, Maryland, United States
Height5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)
Weight87 kg (192 lbs)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark Brown
ProfessionEntrepreneur, investor, fitness enthusiast, author, and Internet personality
Sources of wealthGym Launch, Prestige Labs, A.L.A.N., and Acquisition.com

Alex Hormozi Family and Early Life

Alex Hormozi was born on August 18, 1988, in Towson, Maryland, in the United States. His birthday is in the summer, and his star sign is Leo. Alex’s parents are from different countries, his dad is from Iran, and his mom is from America.

This means Alex is part Iranian and part American. He is a citizen of the United States. Alex’s dad took care of him growing up. He doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. His dad is a doctor who had to leave Iran to come to America.

One time, Alex told someone that his dad wanted him to become a doctor like him, but Alex chose a different job. This made his father a little sad. For a similar story of parental expectations and career choices, you might be interested in reading about Floyd Mayweather’s early life.

Alex Hormozi Businesses

Alex Hormozi grew up loving fitness. His teacher taught him about being healthy and running a business, and these lessons stayed with him as he got older.

Starting a Gym Business

Alex decided to start his gym. At first, it was hard. He didn’t have many customers and couldn’t afford to pay rent. He even had to sleep on the gym floor! But he kept working hard, and things got better. Soon, he was making over $10,000 a month from six different gym locations.

Helping Other Gym Owners

Other gym owners saw how well Alex’s business was doing. They asked him for help to make their gyms successful. Alex and his future wife, Leila, started a new company called Gym Launch to share their secrets.

Success of Gym Launch

Gym Launch did very well. In the first year, it made $17 million in profit by helping over 4,000 gyms. People loved its strategies for attracting more members. In 2021, Alex sold Gym Launch for a whopping $46.2 million.

Expansion of business

With the money from selling Gym Launch, Alex and Leila also started investing in other companies. They helped grow a supplement company called Prestige Labs, and a software company called ALAN. For another inspiring entrepreneurial journey, take a look at Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn’s career.

Alex Hormozi Education

Alex Hormozi attended Vanderbilt University and graduated with a degree in Corporate Strategy. He did very well in school. After finishing college, he worked for a company that helped other businesses for a few years. But Alex liked fitness, so he started his gym instead.

It was hard at first, but he worked hard and expanded his gym business. He ended up with six gyms and earning more than $10,000 every month. Before going to Vanderbilt, Alex also attended Gilman School for a few years.

Alex’s Early Career

After college, Alex worked for a consulting company. Then, he started investing in marketing and fitness businesses. In 2013, he started a company called United Fitness in California

It grew to have six locations in three years. In 2016, he started Gym Launch to help struggling gyms turn things around. For another inspirational story, take a look at the Garth Brook profile overview.

Who is Alex Hormozi’s wife?

Alex Hormozi is married to Leila Hormozi. She is also very good at business, just like Alex. They work together and have made many companies successful. Alex says Leila helped him a lot to do well. 

Alex Hormozi Net Worth

They show others you can do great in business and still have a happy marriage. Alex and Leila fell in love while working together. After dating for nine months, they got married quietly in 2017.

Alex and Leila’s Startup Success Stories

Alex and Leila have helped many companies do well. “Gym Launch” Helped gym owners make more money and grew to earn $17 million in the first year. “Prestige Labs” A sports nutrition company that made $1.7 million monthly within six months of starting.

 “ALAN” A company that uses AI to help other businesses get more customers. Enchanted Fairies is a kids’ photography studio that they helped expand from one location to thirty. The business grew its income by 30 times in just two years. Similarly, if you’re curious about financial success stories, you might want to explore the factors contributing to Chris Brown’s Net Worth.

What is Alex Hormozi Net Worth?

Alex Hormozi Net Worth was around 100 million dollars in 2024. He makes money from his businesses and investments and reinvests most of it into his company, luxury cars, and real estate. Alex also promotes equal education access and supports entrepreneurship in underserved communities.

He’s written two books and has a popular YouTube channel with over 800,000 subscribers. If you’re interested in learning about another successful figure’s financial journey, check out Steve Ballmer’s Net Worth.

What is Acquisition.com?

Acquisition.com is Alex and Leila’s current company. It’s a venture capital firm that invests money in promising businesses to help them grow. They don’t just give money but also advice and support to help the companies succeed.

They invest in technology, software, consumer goods, and e-commerce. In addition to funding, they provide strategic advice and support to improve sales, marketing, and efficiency. Many businesses have succeeded with their help.

Business Ventures and Achievements of Alex Hormozi – A Quick Overview

BusinessYear StartedYears ActiveSuccess
United Fitness20133Expanded to six locations
Gym Launch2016ActiveHelped over 4500 facilities with business model changes
Prestige Labs2018ActiveHigh-quality supplement firm; sold majority shares in 2021
A.L.A.N.2019ActiveSoftware startup; sold most shares to a strategic partner in 2021
Social MediaSince start Active2.5 million Instagram followers, 862.1K TikTok followers, 2.28 million YouTube subscribers, podcast host

Alex Hormozi’s Strategy In Real Estate Investing

Alex Hormozi sold nearly everything in 2021, including a $4 million mansion in Austin, to feel freer and reinvest in his businesses. He and his wife Leila now reside in Las Vegas and may own property there. Real estate investing requires significant capital, and U.S. property prices are expected to grow 2.15% annually from 2023 to 2025.

Rich people like Alex prefer real estate because it does not move with the stock market. For a look at how another wealthy individual diversifies his income, discover Ice Cube’s sources of income.

Alex Hormozi’s Luxury Car Collection

Alex Hermozi, known for his conservative approach to spending, avoids splurging on extravagant items. He famously drove a beat-up Toyota Prius and advises against spending more than $5000 on a car. In contrast, Tristan Tate’s Luxury Lifestyle and Assets, particularly his collection of Luxury Cars, reflect a preference for opulence.

While Hermozi opts for frugality, Tate indulges in luxury, showcasing a stark difference in their attitudes towards wealth and possessions. One of his fancy cars is a Ferrari 488 Pista. It’s a really powerful car that costs around $330,000. The other car he has (or had) is a Mercedes-Benz G.L.E. 53 A.M.G. It’s a more stylish car with a cool gray color. This car costs about $80,000.


Alex Hormozi Net Worth is guessed to be 100 million dollars in the year 2024.

Alex Hormozi was born on August 18, 1988, and is almost 36 years old as of 2024.

Alex Hormozi sold his Gym Launch company for $46.2 million in 2021.

Alex Hormozi owns or has owned several companies, including Gym Launch, Prestige Labs, A.L.A.N., and Acquisition.com.

Alex Hormozi is of mixed Iranian-American ethnicity. His father is from Iran.

Alex Hormozi quit his job as a management consultant to pursue his passion for fitness and entrepreneurship.

Yes, Alex Hormozi graduated from Vanderbilt University with a Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Strategy.

Alex Hormozi met his wife, Leila Hormozi, through a business relationship. They fell in love and married in 2017 after dating for nine months.

Alex Hormozi is known for his casual style, often wearing jean shorts, Crocs, and breathing strips. He is also a fitness enthusiast.


To sum up, Alex Hormozi’s journey from a broke gym owner to a successful entrepreneur with a Net Worth of $100 million is truly inspiring. Through hard work, smart investments, and a focus on helping others, he has built a business empire that includes Gym Launch, Acquisition.com, and several other ventures. 

He has invested in real estate, luxury cars, and personal growth along the way. Even though Alex has lots of money, he still wants to help his community and others make their dreams come true.