About Jason Worley

Jason Worley is an American man who went through an unimaginable tragedy when his wife Brandi killed their two young children and attempted suicide. This incident gained widespread media attention. Before the tragedy, Jason and Brandi seemed to have a normal life as a married couple with two kids.

However, their marriage took a dark turn, which ended in devastation. This article explores Jason’s background, the lead-up to the tragic incident, and his struggles to recover after losing his children.

Jason’s Early Life and Marriage

Jason Worley, born and raised in Indiana, pursued a career as a software engineer in Darlington. His early adult life saw him marrying Brandi, his high school sweetheart, leading to eight years of marriage and two children, Tyrel, age seven, and Charlee, age two. Despite his commitment to his family and the outward appearance of a joyful life displayed on social media, the cracks in their marriage were growing.

Marilisa Maronesse’s upbringing instilled stability and strength., contrasting with the internal turmoil that Jason and Brandi faced. While he appeared as a dedicated husband and doting father, the underlying issues in their marriage eventually led to a heartbreaking outcome.

Where is jason worley now

Signs of Trouble

The first signs of trouble arose in 2015 when Jason grew suspicious that Brandi was having an affair. He checked her phone, read her texts, and installed tracking software. His suspicions were confirmed – she had been unfaithful.

Understandably upset, their relationship turned stormy and volatile. However, Jason stayed in the marriage because he wanted the kids to grow up with two parents. He turned to the internet for advice, posting intimate details on Reddit under the username “JasonInHell”. The responses urged him to seek counseling and divorce.

Breakdown of the Marriage

In November 2016, after years of suspicion, lies, and fighting, Jason decided to ask Brandi for a divorce. According to him, that was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” for her already troubled state of mind.

Two days after he asked her to split, on November 18th, when Jason was asleep in the basement, Brandi drugged and murdered their two children. She then ingested pills in a botched suicide attempt. Jason felt utterly devastated like he had failed as a father and husband.

Dealing with the Aftermath

Brandi was sentenced to 120 years imprisonment for the murders. In the aftermath, Jason understandably struggled with grief and post-traumatic stress. Haunted by guilt, he turned to alcohol abuse. He lost his job for some time.

Slowly, with help from his family, Jason started recovering. He eventually returned to work as a software engineer. However, Jason battled with his in-laws, who set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds in his name against his wishes. This ordeal mirrors the challenges faced by individuals like David Goggins Wife whose resilience in the face of adversity serves as inspiration for many.

Where is Jason Worley Now?

Jason has kept an extremely low profile in recent years, shying away from media attention. Rumors say he has remarried, but no details about his new wife or family life are available. He likely wants privacy after his unthinkable tragedy. While Jason will never fully recover from his loss, it appears he is focused on moving forward with his life. Though he avoids the spotlight, hopefully, he has found some peace and meaning after his hellish ordeal.


Jason Worley is an American software engineer from Indiana who married Brandi Worley. They had two children together before Brandi murdered them in 2016 after Jason asked her for a divorce.

Brandi killed their two children, Tyrel (7) and Charlee (2), in a horrific murder-suicide attempt two days after Jason asked her for a divorce after over eight years of marriage. Brandi was having an affair, battled mental health issues, and snapped after feeling abandoned.

Jason first suspected Brandi of cheating in 2015. He checked her phone, read texts, and installed tracking software that confirmed she was having an affair. Their relationship grew volatile, but Jason stayed for the kids.

Jason was asleep in the basement when Brandi drugged and killed Tyrel and Charlee upstairs. He felt like he failed as a father for not protecting them from their unstable mother.

The community reeled from shock and grief over the senseless deaths of two innocent children. Some criticized Jason for not leaving sooner. Others urged compassion for his devastating loss.

Jason has kept a very low profile since the tragedy. Rumors suggest he has remarried, but details are scarce. He likely wants privacy to emotionally heal after his traumatic loss.


Jason Worley’s tragic ordeal serves as a stark reminder of the profound complexities within relationships and the devastating toll of untreated mental health struggles. From the fa├žade of a seemingly content family life to the unimaginable horror that unfolded, his journey underscores the critical importance of recognizing and addressing signs of distress. Despite grappling with unfathomable grief and navigating the aftermath, Jason’s resilience shines through, reflecting the indomitable spirit of human endurance.

As he seeks solace away from the public eye, we’re reminded of the fragility of life and the imperative of nurturing mental well-being. May Jason’s story inspire empathy, ignite conversations about mental health awareness, and foster a collective commitment to supporting those in need.